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Choosing Your Air Tool
Questions to ask are:
1. How long does the staple need to be for the task? There is some degree of variation in length per machine for staple capacity.
2. Which width of staple is required for the task? Width of staple is constant per machine.
3. What thickness of wire staple do you need? This is measured in gauge

Stapler versus stapler:
Staplers are the best option under two conditions:
• You are fixing two types of material to each other, e.g. cloth to wood. is soft enough for a staple to penetrate it directly
• Is a double or single point required for fixing materials together? A double pointed fixture can provide greater stability, as well as better grip softer to harder materials.

Tool Options
Die Gringer
Task Requirements Per Staple

Capacity (Length)

HIT G700 Wire Stapler
6-14 mm
8.7 mm

HIT G800Wire Stapler
6–14 mm
8.7 mm

HIT G55 heavy Wire Stapler
32 – 50 mm
11.1 mm

HIT G44 Medium Wire Stapler
19 – 38 mm
5.8 mm

Key Purpose of a Pneumatic Wire Stapler or Staple Gun
The purpose of these tools is to fasten wood to wood, or items of different softer materials to wood by using a staple.

Key Product Advantages and Benefits of an Air Tool
• Quality finish.
• Increased productivity.
• High speed assembly requiring stapling operations in furniture factories.
• Optimal work performance.
• No pressure loss or depletion.
• Pistol grips for staplers enables controlled operation.
• Less rework and wastage of materials.
• Ergonomic design for best possible human performance on the job.
• Different options enable selection of the best tool for the right task.
• Virtually eliminate damage to your work in progress.
• Extremely long lasting and durable. They can be subjected to robust handling.
• Easy to service.
• Quick to repair.

Best Practice and Benchmark Applications
• Furniture manufacture
• Woodwork production
• Cabinet making

Key Features
• Pistol grip
• Reloadable magazine.
• Variable staple size for one machine