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Chippers & Needle Descaler
Choosing Your Air Tool
Chippers and descalers are ideal for cleaning hard or rigid materials that cling very stubbornly to surfaces. This excludes materials like paint which should be dealt with first by applying solvents. Descalers are also called scalers.

Questions to ask:
    1. Is the material you want to chip off a surface hard or rigid enough to use a chipper or descaler effectively? (If not you could possibly choose to use on of the HIT air tool sanders)
   2. Is the surface from which you want to remove the scaling flat or irregular? Flux chippers are more suited to flat surfaces, whereas needle descalers are best used on irregular surfaces. HIT offers air tool descalers that in some cases can use both chisel and needle heads.
   3. Does the scaling on your surface call for a heavy or a lighter duty tool?

Tool Options

Chippers & Needle Descaler
Task Requirements

Surface Scaling
HIT 0318N Chipper
Flat / regular
Light / Medium

HIT FP20N Chipper / Needle Descaler
Medium – Heavy

HIT 0315C Chipper / Needle Descaler
Light – Medium

HIT 0319 Extra Heavy Duty Needle Descaler
Extra heavy

Key Purpose of Air Tool Chippers & Needle Descalers
The purpose of chippers & needle descalers is to remove unwanted rigid or hard material from the final surface. The unwanted material is often a result of accumulation of work by-product or normal usage.

Key Product Advantages and Benefits Pneumatic Chippers & Needle Descalers
• Virtually eliminate damage to your final surface.
• Ideal for intermediate preparation of surfaces before final finishing.
• Optimal work performance.
• Ergonomic design for best possible human performance on the job.
• Different options enables selection of the best tool for the right task.
• Ease of operation and control.
• Increased productivity.
• Quicker work performance.
• Easy to service.
• Quick to repair.
• Very long lasting durability.
• Reliable performance.

Best Practice and Benchmark Applications
• Welding operations
• Maritime and boating – removal of scaling on hulls and harbour structures.
• Manufacturing