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Choosing Your Air Tool
The choice and operator has is between the HIT 580 Engraving Pen, or a variety of manual sculpting tools. The latter require an extremely high level of artistic skill in order to achieve the same results as the HIT 580 pneumatic Engraving Pen.

HIT 580 Engraving Pen Versus Small Die Grinders
The HIT 580 Engraving Pen offers pinpoint precision that cannot be accomplished with the smaller die grinders. It can be used as a sketching tool on metal if necessary. As the name says, the HIT 580 is an engraving pen, whereas the die grinders have the nature of sculpting tools.

Key Purpose of a Pneumatic Engraving Pen
The purpose of an air tool engraving pen is to apply permanently engraved features, markings, identification and artistic decorations to hard steel, metal, glass, ceramics & plastics.

Key Product Advantages and Benefits of an Air Tool Engraving Pen
• It handles like a normal pen.
• The HIT 580 puts the engraver in full control of her/his work.
• High pulse rate enables smooth and even finishes.
• Operator efficiency.
• The very high pulse rate of the HIT 580 allows full control of engraving actions.
• Less wastage of materials: Engravers only get one shot at doing it right. Mistakes can mean valuable items are destroyed. The HIT 580 makes it much easier to limit these mistakes to a minimum.
• Precise markings can be placed on irregular surfaces which could be hard to access by means of machine use.
• Easy operation.
• Ergonomic design to facilitate operator creativity and productivity.
• Reliable performance.
• Durability and long lasting regardless of sustained usage.
• Easy to service.
• Quick to repair.

Best Practice and Benchmark Applications
• Jewelry creation and manufacture
• Trophy and plaque engraving
• Permanent marking on hard surfaces
• Gun shop operations – marking and decoration of firearms
• Industrial marking of equipment
• Permanent recording of dates on equipment (e.g. servicing)

Key Features
• Air hose attachment
• Non-slip grip for comfortable hold.
• Easy operation
• Ergonomic design