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Choosing Your Air Tool
This large air brush can be used for large paint jobs and spaying of insecticides, especially where manual powered equipment is inadequate.

The questions to ask are:
   1. Is the job to big for a paintbrush?
   2. Is the surface too uneven to be covered with brush strokes
   3. Is the task too big for manual equipment?

Tool Options

Key Purpose of Pneumatic Hi Pressure Spraygun
The purpose of an air tool Hi Pressure Spraygun is to consistently apply a substance like paint, varnish or insecticide to a relatively large and/or uneven surface.

Key Product Advantages and Benefits an Air Tool Hi Pressure Spraygun
• Even application of paint, varnish, insecticide or other liquid substances.
• Quality even finishes.
• Speed of operation – time saving.
• Variable power execution.
• Greater ease of control over power – hand pressure directly in portion to power exercised.
• Less wastage of materials – fewer screws and fittings stripped.
• Ergonomic design for best possible human performance on the job.
• Increased productivity.
• Increased aesthetic quality of finished products.
• Easy to service.
• Quick to repair.

Best Practice and Benchmark Applications
• Paint jobs in auto body manufacturing, repair and panel beating.
• Paint and varnish application in furniture assembly
• Insecticide application in nurseries

Key Features
• Low maintenance
• Easy operation
• Ergonomic design