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Choosing Your Spring Balance
Two questions can determine your selection of spring balancer:
1. What is the weight of the tool you want to suspend on the spring balancer?
2. What length of cable is required?

Using a spring balance can help a worker to organise his/her workplace and thus enable greater effectiveness and productivity. It can either serve as a form of temporary storage, or storage for tools used on work in progress on an assembly line.
Tool Options

Key Purpose of Spring Balances
The purpose of . Spring Balances is to organise the workplace in the most effective and efficient way by suspending tools above the work area.

Key Product Advantages and Benefits of Spring Balances
• Optimal work performance.
• Increased productivity.
• Convenient operation.
• Improved workplace safety because tools don’t get in the way.
• Quicker work performance.
• Durability.
• Different options enable selection of the best tool for the right task.

Best Practice and Benchmark Applications
• Assembly lines
• Workshops

Key Features
• Compact size
• Strong clip to hold tools.