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Choosing Your Air Duster
Pneumatic air dusters are particularly useful in situations where cleaning by water and cloth is not suitable.

Two questions can be helpful in selecting the right tool:
   1. Do you need to access a recessed are?

Tool Options
• AIR DUSTER(LONG NOSE) 2-GD10-3: best for recessed areas.
• AIR DUSTER2-1066

Key Purpose of a Pneumatic Dusters and Blowers
The purpose of these tools is to clean surfaces quickly, as well as electronic equipment and other sensitive devices that cannot be cleaned using water.

Key Product Advantages and Benefits of an Air Dusters and Blowers
• Highly effective in cleaning surfaces.
• Environmentally friendly – no CFCs or other propellants required to blow air as in canned air.
• Optimal work performance.
• Clinically cleaned and dust free end products.
• Eliminates wastage.
• Different options enable selection of the best tool for the right task.
• Increased productivity.
• Quicker work performance.

Best Practice and Benchmark Applications
• Electronic manufacture
• Manufacture and maintenance of precision instruments
• Jewellery manufacture
• Furniture factories
• Woodwork operations
• Metalwork operations where iron filings need to be cleared.

Key Features
• Grip suited to type of operation – either pistol grip or pipe handle grip
• Long nose outlet (2-GD10-3)